Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 1

Fundamental skill development and assessment is very important to physical educators as well as the health of their students. Developmental physical education is physical education that emphasizes the acquisition of movement skills. Some of the aims of physical educators are to teach students to learn to move and to learn through movement. Out of these aims comes long term goals that physical educators have for their students. Major goals of physical educators include movement skill acquisition, physical activity and fitness enhancement, cognitive learning, and affective growth. By promoting these goals, physical education teachers use movement as an effective way to enhance self esteem, encourage positive socialization, and clarify values in their students.  The aims and goals of physical educators teach students a variety of fundamental skills they will need for the rest of their lives as well as build their confidence and self esteem which greatly impacts a students willingness to learn and participate.  The fundamental skills learned in physical education can be enhanced through practice and growth and can eventually reach more advanced levels as seen in the images. Further information on the importance of fundamental skill development can be seen in the websites provided below.

Fundamental motor skills 
Importance of development

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