Wednesday, February 9, 2011

St Marys

Today I spent time with the preschool students at St. Mary's. We had a theme of healthy foods and did different activities to incorporate them. First the students colored pictures with different fruits and vegetables on them and told us what each of the foods was. Then we played the memory game in two different groups. The students loved playing to get matching cards with different foods on them.  At first I wasn't sure how it would go because it is usually a two player game and I had to make it work with over ten students. To do this I decided to divide the cards and play two separate games. Then with about six students in each game I divided them up into teams of three. The students had to use patience, memory, and team work along with a number of other skills while playing and all the students loved the game and wanted to continue playing when it was snack time. I really got a feel for working with the kids today because I had to change my plans to make it work for the whole class and it was a success. Theres nothing better than having the kids your working with tell you they loved the game that you worked on to put together for them and not want to stop playing when it was time to clean up!

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