Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Lab

We were the gym group this lab which means we run the games at the beginning of class.  We orient our games around a certain set of skills so the rest of the class can assess how the kids perform these skills.  Our skills this week were dribbling a basketball and kicking a soccer ball.  I had a simple game where the students kicked the soccer ball around the gym while the music was playing.  When the music paused the kids would run to one of two goals set up and kick the soccer ball in.  This made it easy for the class to assess the students performing the skills based on soccer.  Overall, our games didn't really run that smoothly.  Basketball and soccer are hard skills to make games for kinder-gardeners and first graders just because they don't have the motor development necessary to perform the skills well enough to create fun games.  I actually had to alter my game to soccer because it was originally with basketballs but the class needed to see more soccer skills.  Based on the fact that I changed the game last minute I think it went pretty well.

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