Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Loony Tunes Lab 2!

Recently teaching at St. Mary's we had a cartoon theme. All of our games were cartoon related and the kids loved it. I liked the dance the most out of the activities we did. We had all the students that were still there, which wasn't many, do the sponge bob dance. It was a lot of fun watching preschool through first graders do the dance because most of the time they just stood their and smiled then occasionally they would do one of the movements. By the third time we did the dance, most of the students were doing the entire dance correctly. If we got to do it again I would make sure that the person who designed the dance had music to go with it.  The different skills that we observed were performed by two first graders and I was surprised at how well they actually did them. Their only main problem was in hopping which had a few errors in it.

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